The Choppergent Diaries


With almost 20 yrs experience and a  strong photographic background in style, glam, fitness and fashion, the work of Tampa Bay based photographer Erick Runyon has appeared in men's lifestyle publications such as Playboy, Maxim and Inked Magazines. 

 After turning his attention to the moto world, and making a name for himself as one of the premier commercial motorcycle photographers and content creators in the industry, he has accumulated a massive photo library...  

What is ChopperGent?

...The idea behind Choppergent is to show the work from his extensive background, that otherwise would probably never be seen, in a very  high quality, collectable format.  Other than the monthly featured MotoArtist, every image, the writing, graphic design and even layout are all the result of the passion from one person.

"Driven by the same determination and passion of that builder working on the next build and hoping to make a mark in the industry, my goal was (and is) to create a high quality body of work that moto enthusiast would look forward to, collect and want to hold on to for many years to come".     

Rates / Collabs

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